The course had 9 delegates from differing management departments all of whom are required to read significant volumes of material during the course of their working week.

After the first two sections we calculated their individual reading speed in words per minute and also measured the “comprehension” of what had been read.

The group average reading speed was 247 words per minute (initial range from 130 wpm – 395 wpm)

The “comprehension” of the group averaged out at 46.6% of the text that had been read.

We then measured the average of the last 6 test modules the group did as individuals and the results were as follows:

Average WPM for the Group across the last 6 tests 459 WPM 

Average Comprehension for the group across the last 6 tests 69.1%

In short a mixed group saw on average a doubling of the reading speed and a 50% increase in the comprehension!

So if yo currently read for 3 hours per day you would potentially save 1 full day per week (and understand more into the bargain).