Problems with reading – Subvocalisation.

Subvocalisation reading aloud in your head!

Saying the words in our head as we read ???

Again it partly the way we are taught when we were at school – C. A. T = cat

When reading we often read aloud simple words … and, but, was, it….. but do we really need to?

We don’t with objects ….

Q… When you walk into a room what do you see ?

  • Desk
  • Clock
  • Chair
  • TV

The answer is that you don’t – Actually the brain has the great ability to recognise shapes

When reading we often read aloud simpe words … and, but, was, it  …………… “How do we know what they do” ? 

The ability of our brain to recognise shapes, our distant ancestors used cave paintings to great effect and to tell stories that are instantly recognisable to the brain.

  • Cave paintings.
  • Road signs


Originally just UPPERCASE but people were not recognising the exit signs leading to a much higher than imagined level of accidents on or bear junctions.

The signs were changed to current format and accidents reduced substantially immediately.

We currently only say 60% – 70% of the words we read already – if we could take this down to 30%  – 40% we would see a huge improvement.

We can hear 3 times faster than we speak so reducing subvocalization we will inevitably speed up our reading!

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