Practice Tests

Try this several times and time your improvement in the boxes below – it tells you what to do in the narrative.

The purpose       of this drill       is to discipline

the little muscles       that move the eyes       from left to right.

Incorrect habits       of reading       have frequently caused

these muscles       to behave       in an undisciplined

and inefficient manner.       Try to make       your eyes march ahead

in three       rhythmic leaps       across the line.

Try to feel       the tiny tug       of these six

little muscles       that move each eye.       You will note

that some phrases       are short       others are longer.

This is done       intentionally.       The amount

of line width       that various people       can see, differs

with the individual.       In these exercises       try to group

as one eyeful       all the words       in the unit;

look at a point       just about midway       in each group.

At times       you will feel       as though the field

of your vision       is being stretched.       So much the better!

At other times       the phrase will be        too short.

We shall strive       for wider and wider       units as we proceed.

In that way       your eyes will grasp       more and more

at a glance.       Read this exercise       two or three times.

Try always       to cut down       on the time       that it took you

to read it       each preceding time.       You will soon get

the knack of it.       Do not let       your eyes “skip”

or “slide”       when you look       at a phrase.

Look at it       “amidships”.       Give it a strong,

fleeting glance.       See it all       in one look;

then be off       to see the next       and the next,

and so on       to the very end       of the exercise.

And now,       how long       did it take you

to read this?       Put each of your times       in the boxes below.

  1.                                          2.                                      3.