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With over 35 years commercial experience in building running and managing businesses operating across International markets in many channels I found this course to be hugely beneficial. As someone famously said I was so impressed I bought the company.

Whether it is long commercial or legal documents, the endless trail of emails that flood our phones and computers more and more precious time is being taken up reading.

Bu understanding both the mechanical and psychological elements that go into “smart reading” we can help you increase both the speed at which you read and also retain more of the understanding of what you have read.

These courses have been proven over 30 years and thousands of satisfied customers (many in the public sector) and now more than ever before do we need to be able to read effectively.

At our latest course in Durham the group on the course averaged more than a doubling of the speed at which they could read by the end of the day – oh and to add to that the understanding of what they had read also increased significantly — a real win – win.

Just imagine what you could do with the time you would save each week !

Meet the Team

From start up’s through to multi national organisation Tim’s expertise and commercial acumen has helped deliver profitable growth across many differing businesses.

Dedicated to helping people get the most out of every opportunity in their work life balance.

I always see opportunity and get great satisfaction in seeing people grow and develop their skills through the various training and development courses.

Outside of work most Saturdays sees me involved in Rugby in some way shape or form (coaching / managing) and even still pull on the boots on the odd occasion, best rugby memory was playing in a game where both my sons were playing.

Tim Clough


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