Problems encountered when reading – Regression

When reading it is easy to lose concentration as RIGHT brain wanders off to other things ……. Often reason why we need to re read paragraphs or pages

This is called REGRESSION… but this starts at an early age..

“In schools we are taught to read things carefully – what do you think this means” …….(Slowly!) take each word as it is… if we can learn to flicker the eyes left to right without skipping back we will be more efficient and smoother!

If we read slowly we give Right Brain more chance to go walkabout!

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  • Going back and re reading

Why do you think may cause this ?

  • Jumping ahead as we see something and missing some text
  • Because you don’t understand a word ?
  • Loss of concentration ?

If this happens don’t worry as they usually come out in the context…. You need to consciously decide not to go back when reading as a habit.

Other types of regression

  • Paragraph
  • Page

These are BAD as it means we have to read twice – takes us twice as long as t could do !!

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